my gear
the bike: Scott Genius LT 720
scott genius lt 720

This 2015 Scott Genius LT is my workhorse. Some notable things about this bike:

  • It's 2x! Chainrings are 22-36 while the Cassette is an 11-36. Do I want to swap to 1x, for sure, but also don't have any issues with the 2x setup so keep running it till it dies
  • This bike is running 170mm of front and rear travel with a Fox 36 up front and a Fox Float rear. Both has been customized by Scott to have remote lockout
  • I'm 5'11" and am running a size large
Over the years I have done a few tweaks from stock including replacing:
  • The drivetrain for Shimano XT
  • The dropper with a KS Lev Integra 150mm
  • The handlebar for a RaceFace Atlas 800mm
  • The saddle with a WTB Rocket

The great thing about this bike is it's relatively light (31lbs), has 170mm of downhill charging travel, but also has Scott Twinloc so you can ride back uphill without exhausting yourself.

the camera: GoPro Hero5
gopro hero5

Yes that's right I am not running Hero7 nor a Hero4! When I purchased this the Hero6 was available but didn't have signficant benefits to the Hero5 and the Hero4 was a pain to source and also wasn't waterproof. I figured having water protection in the PNW would be a good idea. Unfortunately it does mean the sound is greatly compromised, but I'm working on a solution in the coming months....stay tuned! For most riding my settings are:

  • 2.7k, 30fps, Superview
  • Color: Flat
  • White Balance: 5000k
  • ISO Limit: 800
  • EV Comp: -1.0
  • Sharpness: Low
  • Protune Audio: Wind Only

the gimbal: FeiyuTech WG2
the mount: GoPro Chesty Performance
feiyu wg2 gimbal and chesty

Alright let's first talk about the gimbal. This is the previous year's model and so far I've been really happy with it. You may be asking why I run it at such an angle: It's because I run it in the 'Panning and Tilting mode' (second mode) and in this mode it defaults to pointing level with the base of the gimbal. As such, when you are leaned on a bike the camera would point downward if I had the camera facing level with the ground when standing. I use this mode such that when you head along variable terrain the camera always faces at the same angle as the bike and shows the trail best.

As for the mount, I am running the performance chesty mount from GoPro. I wanted a little bit of padding between my chest and the camera such that it was more comfortable, and gave me some protection in the event of a fall. In practice it's not perfect because the padding allows the gimbal to bounce up and down as the padding squishes, but the gimbal accounts for that most of the time.